Buchanan Cobra

Magazine articles
Modern Motor 1958 September   -  Buchanan Cobra review BMG 000
Modern Motor 1959 April   -   Buchanan Cobra test BMG 111
Sports Car World 1959 May   -   Buchanan Cobra test BMG 111

Buchanan Cobra cockpit

Buchanan Cobra: body # 1

Buchanan Cobra: body # 3

Buchanan Cobra: body # ? BVH969

Buchanan Cobra: body #  ? CDZ577

Buchanan Cobra: body # ?

Buchanan Cobra: body # ?

Buchanan Cobra: body # ? BMG000

Researched and written by Paul Schilling

Seven (maybe 8) Buchanan Cobras were produced between 1958 and 1961, initially by Nat Buchanan, in conjunction with Pressed Metal Corp Ltd who built the box section chassis, and later by J&S Fiberglass Sales.

Production ceased early in 1960 with the introduction of the Bug Eye Austin Healy Sprite, which was marginally cheaper and faster.

The business was taken over by J&S Fiberglass sales in 1960 or 61 and they completed the remaining bodies already commenced by Nat Buchanan.

The history is a little vague at this stage as the N.H. Buchanan Motor Co Pty. Ltd. closed down in about 1960/61 and was bought out by J&S Fiberglass in NSW. Nat Buchanan had finished at least 2 cobras and J&S continued to complete the remaining cobras to make 8 in all completed.

Four of the seven Cobras have also been identified as remaining, one is in New Zealand and was recently sold on E-Bay for $3000.00 NZ in bits and having been converted at some time to Jaguar XJ6 mechanicals, at the time of writing this car is still in bits and very unlikely to proceed much further.

Another Cobra is in NSW in the hands of a “collector” of Aussie fibreglass production sportscars and planned to begin restoration work on the chassis in 2008.

A third is in pieces in Victoria and about to undergo a full restoration while #3 has been restored as a historic race car.

Research disclosed the J&S Fibreglass completed the remainder of Cobras with the 1147 Triumph Herald motors and twin S.U. carburetors.

A letter from the Factory Manager Richard Maryland indicated the later fitment of the 1147cc Triumph Herald motors and twin S.U. carburetors.

Nat Buchanan provided one completed Cobra, registration number NSW BMG-000, for road testing in September of 1958 by Modern Motor magazine He later went on to provide another car, registered number BMG-111, for road test by Sports Car World in May of 1959.

Another road test was conducted by the Great Australian Sports Cars and Specials magazine on the same car registered number BMG111 and this article makes mention of the fitting of the larger Triumph Herald engine to the Buchanan Cobra. It is not clear when this article was written but it is clear that it was written after the fitment of the larger 1147 motors.

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