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1959 Buchanan Holden Special

"WOFTAM" Buchanan Holden special at Winton, VIC 2001

John Hunter, Warrimoo NSW (since April 1999), Former President of the Historic Sports & Racing Association of NSW

Prepared by:
John and Percy Hunter

Original builder and owner not known. Car has a late body, possibly made by J&S Fibreglass in Sydney when they took over Buchanan production in 1959, and is fitted to a genuine Buchanan chassis made by the Pressed Metal Corporation to Buchanan’s design to take early Holden running gear.
Only a handful of Buchanans were built with this chassis, and to date only one other car is known to exist with this specification (the John Reaburn special, currently owned by Kean Rogers in the USA).

The "WOFTAM" was owned by The Rev Brian Johnson in the mid seventies, and was issued with a CAMS logbook for the newly created historic racing category (Group L) in 1976. The car was subsequently owned and raced by several key players in the HSRCA’s early history – Barry Clark (1980), John Plummer (1981), Owen Williams (1983), Roger Ealand (1987 - 1997) and the late Peter Hopwood (1997 – 1999). Peter rebuilt the car to run in the 1997 Targa Tasmania with his son as co-driver. Unfortunately gearbox problems prevented them from achieving a good result, although Peter did say that when they were on the road, nobody managed to pass them!

Now a part of the Group H (Hunter family) racing stable, the car has undergone further restoration work and was recently granted an official Certificate of Description and log book indicating it’s compliance with the Lb category rules in Australian historic racing.


Chassis - Buchanan designed, built by Pressed Metal Corporation

Engine - Holden Grey 6cyl, 3x 1.75inch HS6 SU carburetors, modified  Vauxhall crankshaft, 12.5:1 compression running on
                  100 octane racing fuel

Gearbox - BMC B series four speed with close ratio straight cut gears

Differential - Holden live rear axle with LSD center

Front Susp. - Narrowed early Holden crossmember, coil springs & telescopic dampers

Rear Susp. - Holden leaf springs & telescopic dampers

Brakes - Holden drums front & rear

Steering - Holden steering box & linkages