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Holden engined Buchanans

Buchanan Repco-Holden

Lotus Mk VI style chassis
"Wal Anderson" Buchanan Repco-Holden special built 1957 in QLD by Wal Anderson.  Raced by Wal Anderson 1957-58. Owned by Greg Smith in Melbourne,  discovered the remains under a MGTF special, original body has since been located along with all the missing bits and these have all been authenticated by Wal's son who worked on and drove the car and now lives in Melbourne. Built on a Lotus MK6 replica chassis built by Stan Brown and Alex Strachan in Sydney

Singer 9 chassis
"RM Spyder" Buchanan Repco-Holden special built 1958 by Horst Kwech and Ian Rowe of Region Motors in Cooma, NSW.  Inverted Singer 9 chassis with Repco Holden Grey motor and special lightweight body.  Body had driver's headrest, single dash cowl, fold down doors and no boot lid.  Raced by Horst who later became USAC TransAm champion in USA.  Owned by Bill Reid, Canberra

Buchanan Holden  built ? but never completed. Inverted Singer 9 chassis with Holden Grey motor and mechanicals. Ex David Killey, ex Charles Eassie. Whereabouts unknown

Ludgate chassis
"Capricornia III" Buchanan Holden special built 1958 in SA by John Bruggeman with a spaceframe chassis by Albert Ludgate, a shortened Buchanan body, Holden front and rear suspension and Holden Grey motor. Repco head fitted in 1959  Raced by  John Bruggeman 1958-59. Owned by Tony Parkinson in SA and full restoration completed in 2006. Renamed "Repco Ricardian"

In the pits at the March '59 Port Wakefield meeting

Buchanan Holden

HRG chassis
Buchanan Holden HRG special built 1958 in NSW.  HRG chassis with Peugeot front suspension and Holden engine. Special lightweight race body with no passenger door, no passenger dash cowl, no bootlid and headrest fitted. Races at hillclimbs in UK, Prescott etc.  Owned by Mike White in UK

Mid 1970's and just discovered under a Peach tree in Adelaide

MG "Y" type chassis
Buchanan Holden MG special built ?  owned by James Monahu, Bairnsdale VIC. Fitted with Holden grey motor and MG TC gearbox, painted BRG with grey leather upholstery and wire wheels.  Original body repaired into a buck, moulds created from it and new body built for car by Royce Marion of Fibrecar in Melbourne.  Three more bodies built.

MGA chassis
Buchanan Holden MGA special: body # 51 built ?  MGA chassis with Holden red motor.  Owned by Terry Flippence, NSW.  Currently under restoration

Buchanan Holden special built ? in ?  Built up from parts including MG chassis and suspension, Repco Holden head fitted in 2001.  Owned by Max Bowen, TAS

Twin tube chassis
Buchanan Holden: body #99 by J & S built 1958 in  NSW with chrome molly twin tube chassis similar to Rizzo design with Holden mechanicals.  Still in same family from new with all receipts and photos of car being built. Undergoing full restoration. Owned by Michael Roach

Rizzo twin tube chassis: 8 built
Buchanan Holden special body #10 built ? in 1957 by ?.  Owned by Peter Yorke ACT.  One of eight built using Rizzo chassis

Buchanan Holden Hardtop built 1958 in Arncliffe, NSW.  Found by Jim Ogden in wrecking yard after being wrapped around a post in a major accident. Rebuilt with parts from Buchanan and a home built hardtop. Road registered NSW BPD708. Sold in 1968 to Woolongong. Whereabouts unknown

"Don Wright" Buchanan Holden special built 1958 in Sydney, NSW by Don Wright with a grey Holden motor and triple SU carbies.  Fitted with head fairing behind the driver and a solid section of fibreglass covering the passenger compartment One of eight built using Rizzo chassis. Written off.

"John Skinner" Buchanan Holden special built 1957 in Sydney, NSW by John Skinner.  Road registered NSW BKF198. Whereabouts unknown.  One of eight built using Rizzo chassis. raced by Bruce Maher at Bathurst in 1958, pink in colour, hardtop fitted.

Twin box section chassis
Buchanan Holden: body ? built ? in  ? with twin box section chassis with "X" frame strengthening. Narrowed front and rear Holden FE suspension and axle with Holden Grey engine  Sitting since 1980.  Owned by David Homburg

Buchanan Holden: body ? built ? in  ? with twin box section. Front and rear Holden suspension and axle. Originally with Holden Grey engine, now removed  Owned by David Homburg

Buchanan Holden: body ? built ? in  ? with twin box section chassis. Front and rear Holden suspension and axle, originally with Holden Grey engine  Never registered or used.  Owned by Ross Shearer, NSW

Keith Short chassis

Buchanan Holden special body # ? built in 1958 by Keith Short of East Maitland N.S.W. on twin tube chassis of his own design. Featured in SCW Nov 1958 with the intention of producing complete cars with Holden mechanicals. Owned by Immanuel Hansen, SA

Jack Pryor chassis 24 built
Buchanan Holden special body # ? built in 1958 by Leo Drummond of Kempsey N.S.W. on chassis designed by Jack Pryor at PRAD with Holden FJ engine, gearbox and diff; radiator, front suspension and wheels from Peugeot 203; twin Stromberg carbs later replaced by S.U.s and Len Lukey exhaust manifolds. Used by Leo in sprints with Kempsey Car Club. Whereabouts unknown

Leo Drummond at Kempsey Car Club sprints


Buchanan box section "x" frame chassis: 10 built
chassis design by Buchanan/Jack Pryor
construction by PRAD and later Pressed Metal Corporation

"RAWGS" special, built 1958 in Nundle, NSW by Tony McClelland.  Low pivot swing rear axle Holden powered hillclimb car on Buchanan chassis (subject of a lawsuit over failure to match specification).  Whereabouts unknown, believed burnt out in Sydney in late 1970's

RAWGS at Kempsey Car Club sprints

Buchanan Holden special built 1958 by ?.  Owned by Andrei Shinkarenko, QLD. Chassis rusted out, minus engine and running gear.

Buchanan Holden special built 1959 by ?.  Owned by Stacey Nicolaou, WA. Completely original, was built with hardtop in WA as road car with tow bar!  Restoration to begin 2003

"John Reaburn" Buchanan Holden special built 1958/59 by Athol Hodge of Numurkah, Victoria.  Raced by John Reaburn 1960-63.  VIC registration HDS808. Owned by Kean Rogers, USA


"WOFTAM" Buchanan Holden special built 1959 by ?.  Raced by ?. Owned by John Hunter, NSW.  Races in HSRCA

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WOFTAM at HSRCA meeting

24 cars listed, 6 whereabouts unknown